We were raised in this fascinating place called Miyazaki that is so rich in nature. Aoshima has a distinguished presence in Miyazaki and is something we want to share with everyone. One of the wonderful things about Aoshima is the delicious seafood cuisine that is centered on Umisachihiko Shrimp. In cooperation with local fishermen, Umisachihiko Shrimp are an extremely rare shrimp that are caught off the coast of Aoshima. We would also like to bring you the “Relaxation”of Aoshima through our hot spring, Shinwa-no-Yu which has long been famous for being a skin beautifying hot spring. Also, with our originally built bunk beds made with Miyazaki grown Obi Cedar, we bring you a cozy “Accommodation” experience.

Amazing “Cuisine”You’ll be dazzled by the tantalizing Japanese & Italian cuisine prepared with Umisachihiko Shrimp and other fresh seafood from off the coast of Aoshima. Experience the “Relaxation” of Aoshima through our natural hot spring spa “Shinwa-no-Yu” which uses a wealthy supply of natural spring water which is said to be gentle to the skin. Cozy “Accommodations” Bunk beds made with Miyazaki grown Obi Cedar are user-friendly to comfortably welcome young children as well as senior citizens and create a warm atmosphere for families and couples alike. Together with the people of Aoshima we plan to revitalize the beauty of Aoshima today and show you the more of the undiscovered beauty of Aoshima. A place for you to enjoy with all Five senses. That’s the mission of Aoshima Fisherman’s Beachside Hostel & Spa.




Fresh seafood such as Umisachihiko Shrimp are prepared as grilled, deep fried and “Donburi”rice bowl dishes will put a smile on your face. Enjoy delicious cuisine that brings out the best of all the ingredients.



Fresh seafood and Umisachihiko Shrimp from off the coast of Aoshima that you can dive into with your bare hands. Exciting Italian cuisine provide you an escape from your daily routine. Enjoy delicious cuisine with the ever changing scenery.



We’ve built an Onsen facility called Shinwa-no-Yu that utilizes an alkaline hot spring that is said to be gentle to the skin. For your visual enjoyment, there’s a colossal realistic painting of “Mount Fuji with Mihonomatsubara・Spring & Summer” on the wall of the main bathing area, painted by Shuhei Tateyama, a Japanese style painter who represents Miyazaki.



Dormitory & Private Rooms

For families & couples who would like to enjoy their privacy, we offer Private Rooms. For guests who would like to meet & interact with other guests, there’s the Dormitory. Depending on your travel style, we have 2 types of rooms for you to choose from. Both rooms are equipped with bunk beds made from Miyazaki grown Obi cedar and are fitted with originally designed stairs that are user-friendly to suit all ages including young children and senior citizens. We promise you a good night sleep on the BREATHAIR mattress.
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