From300 meters deep👈


“Umisachihiko” shrimp play a central role when it comes to food at Aoshima Fisherman’s Beach Side Hostel & Spa. These incredibly precious shrimp.
They live 300 meters beneath the sea and it’s only possible to go catch them about 3 to 4 times a month.
With the cooperation of the local fishermen of Aoshima using modified fishing equipment, we’ve been devising a way to bring these shrimp to our customers. With limited opportunities to go out to sea, we’re now able to secure enough shrimp to satisfy demand.

Not only as sashimi, these shrimp are delicious grilled or fried as well. The Japanese restaurant Uomasu & Italian restaurant Paradiso are busy creating even better ways to enjoy these delicious shrimp. We can just see the smiles on our customer’s faces

The excitement about “Food” at Aoshima Fisherman’s Beach Side Hostel & Spa