We want as many people as possible to know what makes Aoshima and Miyazaki a special place.

Miyazaki has nurtured us and helped us grow, with its many attractions and plentiful natural beauty.
The Aoshima Fisherman’s Beachside Hostel & Spa was established with our goal to create a place where we can promote all the great things about Aoshima, a location that has always been a top destination in Miyazaki with trendy and cutting edge attractions.
Among all of the things that makes Aoshima such a special place, we want people to know about the food, especially dishes created from locally caught fresh seafood. With the corporation from local fisherman, we are able to offer Umisachi-Hiko Shrimp (Jack-knife shrimp) an extremely rare type of deep-sea shrimp which we have centered our seafood experience around.
Another thing we want people to experience is the relaxation aspect of Aoshima, with its natural hot spring known as a hot spring of rejuvenation. It is knowen to have rejuvenating qualities because of its hot spring water with a rich mineral content that works wonders on your skin.
The last aspect is the hostel itself, with custom made bunk beds made from Obisugi (cedar wood harvested in the Obi region) from Miyazaki Prefecture. These specially made bunk beds add to the atmosphere we have created at the Aoshima Fisherman’s Beachside Hostel & Spa.
The Food
We serve fresh seafood caught in the Aoshima bay area including Umisachi-Hiko Shrimp (Jack-knife shrimp) prepared in Japanese or Italian style by our chefs which will surprise, amaze and satisfy. At our on-site Oyster Hut, you can pick and choose the ingredients you want to eat before grilling it over a charcoal fire BBQ style.
The Relaxation
A rich natural hot spring which is known for its rejuvenating qualities for your skin which we have named the hot spring of myths. This onsen will breathe life into your skin and turn it silky smooth. Kick your feet up and take some time out to relax and rejuvenate.
The Hostel
The warmth and comfort of the bunk beds made from Miyazaki Prefecture Obi-sugi cedar wood are perfect for groups, families, or even couple’s on a romantic getaway. The natural wooden feel will elevate your time spent with us.
We want as many people to visit Aoshima as possible and experience this wonderful place with all of their senses. We endeavor to promote existing attractions and always be on the lookout for new attractions in Aoshima. With the corporation of the local people, we want to restructure and reintroduce Aoshima to the world. The Aoshima Fisherman’s Beachside Hostel & Spa is the first step in our journey.

How to enjoy staying in a dormitory

Simply put, a dormitory is a shared room. At Aoshima Fisherman’s Beachside Hostel & Spa, we have women-only dormitories and mixed dormitories which are fitted with 8 bunks beds made from Miyazaki Prefecture Obi-sugi cedar wood. These rooms sleep a maximum of 16 people. Each bunk bed is fitted with a curtain and a power outlet at the head of the bed, giving you your own private space. Each dormitory also has its own toilet and shower room attached. In the communal hall which is available to all guests, there are kettles, a microwave, a fridge, and a TV which can be used for free. We also have a full kitchen available for use so you can buy and cook up local ingredients too. We also have secure lockers available for your valuables and peace of mind. These facilities should provide the seasoned traveler or backpacker with everything they need and is more than suitable for people staying in a shared environment for the first time too. Dormitory accommodation provides accommodation at a lower price making it an affordable option. But the social environment where you can meet other travelers is a priceless experience. Kick your feet up and relax on the bunks beds made from Miyazaki Prefecture Obi-sugi cedar wood, talk about your travels so far and plan the next leg of your journey. All the while meeting new people and making new friends.

Facility Information

Our rooms –

We have 16 people dormitories and 4 people private rooms available. All rooms have bunk beds made from Miyazaki Prefecture Obi-sugi cedar wood. Please choose a room to match your traveling needs.

Our restaurants –

We have 3 restaurants where you can enjoy fresh seafood caught in the Aoshima bay area, including Umisachi-Hiko Shrimp (Jack-knife shrimp). You can choose from our Japanese restaurant, Italian restaurant or our Oyster Hut BBQ restaurant.

Our hot spring –

Our natural alkaline hot spring has a high PH level, which helps to rejuvenate your skin turning it silky smooth. You can enjoy relaxing in the large tub while looking at a huge wall painting done on the interior wall.