Our specially selected ingredients

All 3 of our restaurants serve up the same fresh seafood caught in the Aoshima bay area, and the main star of the fresh seafood lineup is the Umisachi-Hiko Shrimp (Jack-knife shrimp). The English name for an Umisachi-Hiko Shrimp is a Jack-knife shrimp. These shrimp live in the Miyazaki Ocean at a depth of around 300 – 400 meters. Deep sea crustaceans like these shrimp lose their freshness rapidly after being caught. To fully enjoy the flavor of this rare shrimp, it must be eaten immediately after it’s caught. For this reason, you can only find these shrimp at port towns where deep sea fishing boats operate from, despite their exquisite flavor.
There was a period in Miyazaki and Aoshima where deep sea fishing was abundant and a constant amount of these Umisachi-Hiko shrimp (Jack-knife shrimp) were being caught. However, the shrimp never gained traction at markets due to the difficulty in maintaining the freshness for long distance transportation. The fact that deep sea fishing is not only challenging but can also be dangerous was another reason they didn’t gain traction. There are currently only 2 ships with the equipment necessary for deep sea fishing in Aoshima. Despite all of these challenges the fisherman face to catch these shrimp, they are still hugely popular with locals in the area as a rare local delicacy to this day.
The reason they are so popular is that these prawns are an extremely large type of ama-ebi (sweet shrimp), a size you won’t see anywhere else.
Compared with regular ama-ebi (sweet shrimp) sashimi which is extremely popular, the Umisachi-Hiko Shrimp has more meat and a more juicy texture. The flavor is full of umami and is very sweet, making it an extremely versatile ingredient perfect for a wide range of Japanese or Western-style dishes. This is a one of a kind shrimp only found in the pristine deep seawater found in the middle of the Kuroshio Japan Current.
The Umisachi-Hiko shrimp (Jack-knife shrimp) we have on offer are a new special product of Aoshima, caught by a young fisherman using a new revolutionary fishing technique. These prawns are processed with extreme care, creating an extremely rare flavor which you can only experience in Aoshima.


Aoshima Japanese Style Seafood Restaurant Uomasu
The beautifully arranged fresh seafood caught in Aoshima entices everyone to take another bite. Dishes that complement the individual flavors of the ingredients perfectly. You can enjoy Umisachi-Hiko Shrimp (Jack-knife shrimp) as Sashimi of course, but you can also enjoy them grilled, deep fried and even on a rice bowl. We hope that you can enjoy a relaxing moment here at Uomasu with family and friends, surrounding a table full of fresh seafood and Umisachi-Hiko Shrimp (Jack-knife Shrimp) in our spacious restaurant.

Fisherman’s Oyster Hut / Meat Hut
The luxury of grilling Umisachi-Hiko Shrimp (Jack-knife shrimp) over a charcoal flame and eating them steaming hot. You can cook everything to your liking at your own BBQ in a vibrant atmosphere. We have fresh seafood caught on the day by local fisherman and even an all you can eat oyster course. If seafood isn’t your thing, head over to our Meat Hut where you can enjoy a BBQ full of meat. We want all of our guests to enjoy the true flavor of our ingredients. We hope everyone will enjoy this new style of dining here in Aoshima.

Italian & Seafood Restaurant Bar PARADISO
Enjoy Umisachi-Hiko Shrimp (Jack-knife shrimp) the old fashioned way and dig in with your hands. Paradiso is a spacious restaurant with a sense of freedom. You can enjoy classic Italian dishes such as pasta or a more modern shrimp cocktail while looking out over the stunning blue Aoshima ocean. The Takeaway corner also has an impressive lineup and is a very popular spot. If you want to feel the Aoshima sea breeze while dining, take a seat out on our terrace. Watching the sun light up the ever-changing scenery, while enjoying a meal which can be romantic or bold depending on the menu.