Group Bookings

Inquiries for sport teams, business seminars or long-term stays

For sports tournaments or training camps, overnight business seminars, business, long term stay for treatment of illnesses etc. For any inquiries regarding bookings, please don’t hesitate to inquire with the form below or by telephone. We will ask you in detail about your length of stay, number of people, food requirements and transportation requirements among other things.

Required information

Full name
Postal code / Zip code
Dates Night 
Number of guests Total number:  Male:  Female:
Elementary School:  Jr High School:  High School:  Older than High School Age:
Group leaders:
Number of rooms 1 person room:  2 person room:  3 people room:  4 people room:
Meals Breakfast:  Dinner:  Lunch:
Requests for dinner
Use of facilities Hot Spring:  Meeting Room:
Accomodation Wing:  Transfer Service:
Budget 1 night per person(including tax) yen ※budget for your stay(including meals)
Reason of stay  Other
Other requirements or requests

Past record of group bookings

  • ・Corporate athletic teams – 4 teams
  • ・J League Soccer – Division 2 team
  • ・French Kendo Association National Team
  • ・8 out of the 16 teams who were in Miyazaki for the 39th All Kyushu High School Soccer Tournament
  • ・7 high school athletics teams who were in Miyazaki for the 2018 Miyazaki Prefecture High School Athletics Tournament
  • ・Over 20 Jr High School Club & Sports teams
  • ・Over 20 Jr Sports Club Teams
  • ・Business Seminars
  • ・Over 10 University Social Clubs
  • We also have experience with private parties and other special requests.