We want as many people as possible to know what makes Aoshima and Miyazaki a special place.



We recommend our dormitories for travelers who want to meet other people and make some friends along the way.
For families or couples who would like more privacy, we recommend our private rooms.
Choose the type of room you would like depending on the style of your journey.
All rooms are furnished with bunk beds made from Miyazaki Prefecture Obi-sugi cedar wood. Each bed is fitted with specially designed stairs which are user-friendly

Reasonably priced accommodation so you can enjoy more time in Aoshima.
Dormitory – starting from ¥1,980 (discount price limited to 5 beds per day)
Private Room - from ¥9,960 (discounted price limited to 5 rooms per day, max 4 guests in one room)


We have women only dormitories and mixed dormitories which are each fitted with 8 bunks beds made from Miyazaki Prefecture Obi-sugi cedar wood. These rooms sleep a maximum of 16 people.


Each private room is fitted with 2 bunks beds made from Miyazaki Prefecture Obi-sugi cedar wood. These rooms are available for 1 to 4 persons. The rooms are filled with the warm smell of wood and finished with a bright color wallpaper giving it a tropical feel. The perfect place to get away from everyday life!


Japanese Style Aoshima Seafood Uomasu

This is a Japanese style restaurant where you can enjoy original dishes that focus on the flavor of the ingredients, along with favorites such as sashimi and sushi.

Fisherman's Oyster Hut & Meat Hut

At Fisherman's Oyster Hut, you can grill fresh seafood such as Umisachi-Hiko Shrimp (Jack-knife shrimp), Turban Shells, and oysters to your liking over a Charcoal BBQ.


Rejuvenating natural alkaline hot spring
The hot spring of myths

The natural hot spring which has ample water flow is often mentioned as one of the best attractions of Aoshima. At our hostel, we have named our hot spring the hot spring of myths because of the rejuvenating values it has for your skin. At our hot spring bathhouse, we have a large indoor bath, an outdoor bath, a sauna, a cold water bath and a private bath for couples and families. It's a natural hot spring bath house that can be enjoyed by a wide range of people. On the main wall of the large indoor bath area, we have a wall painting which was painted by one of Miyazaki leading artists Shuhei Tachiyama. The painting is called [Spring and Winter, Mt Fuji and the Pine Field of Miho] a seasonal piece of My Fuji that is dramatically depicted which you can enjoy while soaking in the rejuvenating water. We sincerely hope that you will take the time to enjoy this hot spring designed to give a relaxing moment to anyone who visits at Aoshima Fisherman's Beachside Hostel & Spa.